Communication Platform

  • Increase response rates to job vacancies by 25 to 50%.

  • Increase top line growth by specific and targeted sales promotions.

  • Reduce sales and marketing communication costs by 80%.

  • Increase effectiveness of communications by ongoing measurement and improvisation.


Recruitment Platform

  • Reduce costs by eliminating need to visit campuses for recruitment when possible.

  • Hire alumni to meet need for experienced candidates nationwide.

  • Expand reach by intelligent selection and registration at colleges.

  • Reduce costs by preplanning and arranging joint campus visits when necessary.

  • Improve quality of candidates by automating prescreening, filtering and test administration.

  • Increase efficiencies by managing growing number of applicants in an integrated manner.


Recruitment Services

  • Make recruitment cost variable and performance based.

  • Receive prescreened candidate information.

  • Develop greater certainty by in candidate turnout.

  • Outsource painful activities and tasks without compromising on talent acquisition.


    Branding Platform

    • Embed your company brand image and values across colleges nationwide.

    • Strengthen brand by sponsoring of conferences and workshops that meet college and student needs.

    • Create greater affinity for your company products and as an employer.



Recruitment Solutions


Campus Direct offers unprecedented improvements in efficiency and effectiveness to employers with:

  1. Our Recruitment Platform: This is a unique way for companies to connect with the national network of colleges with ease
  2. Our Recruitment Services: In combination with the platform further enhances and offers unmatched value to companies


Recruitment Platform

Employers using Campus Direct, from a single online platform, can now manage their entire campus recruitment processes across hundreds of colleges. This includes signing up, getting registered, posting requirements, receiving applicant resumes, automatically screening applicants, scheduling on-campus and off-campus interviews, managing applicant status (short listing, rejecting, interviewed, hiring). In addition, consolidated reports for employers make it easier and more efficient to hire students on a large scale across the country. Most importantly employers can also hire students from colleges without the need for actually visiting campus there by saving tremendous cost and effort in the process.

Employers can invite specific students to apply for openings by using college and student specific parameters. College specific parameters include year founded, address, degrees offered, number of students, NAAC ratings. Students can be searched using their scores, year of graduation, residential address, degree, etc. The data used to screen colleges and students is provided by colleges and as such is highly accurate and complete.

In addition Employer can use our value added services for selecting students, such as screening through questionnaires and tests. Several other tools that help employers improve their campus recruitment efficiencies are available on the platform.


Recruitment Services

Campus Direct understands the needs of the market place and has hence created and exclusive set of recruitment services in addition to our recruitment platform. These services are unlike traditional placement services and much more economical by nature and help clients realize measurable benefits

Organizations that have limited internal human resources and also needs to make their recruitment costs variable to the extent possible are ideally suited to avail of these services. Our dedicated professional team works on delivering on assignments received. These services include

  1. Creating postings and delivering assured number of candidates for interviews
  2. Prescreening and evaluation of candidates based on criteria defined
  3. Organizing and administering tests under supervised conditions on behalf of clients
  4. Other specific assignments that maybe required by clients

Our suite of recruitment services are based on a model where we are able to deliver measurable results in each step from the time a requirement arises till a candidate is provided for interviews. Our services do not include traditional recruitment services where the service provider is compensated on a per hire model.


Platform Features

Intelligent college selection and ease of registration:

Companies can select colleges using criteria such as accreditations, number of students, ratings, degree / courses offered, year founded, address, past placement performance and other important criteria. Employers can then register at these colleges for recruitment with a few keystrokes and know in real-time the status of their registration.

Eliminate the need or Preplan campus visits for higher effectiveness:

Today, most of the activities for campus recruitment are performed only during a campus visit. For example, Companies seldom receive the student resumes in advance and are often unsure about the level of interest in their job postings or know in advance the number of candidates to be interviewed. This is highly inefficient and often results in employers expending valuable time and money in campus visits.

Campus Direct allows most of the recruitment activities to be performed online reducing or eliminating the need to visit colleges. If campus visits are still necessary employers are pre-armed with this information and can optimize use of its HR resources, be prepared prior to visiting the campus and be more effective while at the campus in selecting candidates.

Screening and filtering candidates:

Employers often spend significant time in manually screening candidates based on information from resumes or by administering and scoring screening tests. Campus Direct can cut short this time by more than 70-80 percent.

Companies can post jobs with predefine criteria such as exam scores to filter students who qualify. Campus Direct also presents the information from CVs in a consolidated report with key data elements such as exam scores displayed. This information can be sorted and with a few click strokes candidates can be short-listed. There is no need to open every single resume.

In addition companies can also use standard screening tests available or create customized tests to screen candidates. These screening tests can be conducted at the time of applications, at the time of campus visits in controlled or open environments.

Arranging joint campus visits:

Today, companies often visit multiple campuses at the same metros since there is limited information that employers have in advance on student interests in the job advertisements & the quality of applicants.

Campus Direct, gives employers access to this information in advance of the campus visit. Employers can then consolidate their interview process by conducting joint interviews at a single college. Select students from a number of target colleges can visit a specific college campus for interviews.

Companies that have large recruitment needs or are seeking the best students or from another region can use Campus Direct to coordinate and communicate with students and placement offices to conduct joint interviews.

This leads to reduction in costs, time savings and improved efficiencies for the company.

Improving onsite efficiencies:

Companies can utilize facilities of the college - computer rooms with internet connections in combination with the Campus Direct Platform to conduct and manage the complete onsite activities in an automated and efficient manner.

Candidates who may have missed a job ad or have not made up their mind can respond to job posts just prior to the employer's campus visit. Information is made available to the HR team visiting the campus real time on Campus Direct.

Meet large, sudden or unexpected recruitment needs:

Today, most of the campus recruitment process is scheduled in a highly compressed and rigid time frame that often does not meet the needs of the employers. BPO, IT, Retail, or Banking industry employers that have unexpected or uncertain or very large hiring requirements find this rigid structure not suitable.

These companies can greatly benefit from the use of Campus Direct as it expands the schedule of campus recruitment. Employers can tap into the graduating student population all year round. Every student record in the Campus Direct network is dated with year of graduation which can be used to select colleges and students.

Know real time status:

Being informed on time all the times is a central requirement for delivering optimal performance by HR. The Campus Direct Platform allows company management and HR teams to know what is the status of their campus recruitment initiatives across the nation. Companies know how many colleges have put up their job requirements on the online notice boards, how many applications have been received, kept on reference, short listed, rejected or hired in total as well as by college and by posting. In addition access to screening test results, applicant resumes and college placement offices is available at the click of a button.